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Our claims philosophy is to work in close partnership with our clients and brokers to achieve a fair, timely and effective resolution of potential claims. Our experienced team of claims experts is well versed in dealing with the technical issues of even the most complex claims.

eBiz Office Plan

Operating a business involves dealing with many uncertainties, but it’s possible to alleviate some of the worries. With an e-Biz Plan from ECICS Limited, you can protect yourself from unforeseen eventualities and focus on doing good business.

e-Biz Office Plan is suitable for office operations in which the premises/building (in non-industrial buildings) is used for work of clerical, administrative or managerial nature.


Excluded Trades/ Businesses/ Activities/ Premises

  • Couriers/ delivery services/ investigation services firms/ event organizers/ motor traders/ money changers/ container offices/ premises used primarily for storage or manufacturing


  • Premises not of brick/ concrete construction or premises in open or without perimeter, fence or security/ premises situation in industrial buildings


eBiz Office Plan - ECICS Insurance
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